The fast and the curious

A humble thank you to Fast Company for the kind review, and a big welcome to new visitors!


Anonymous said...

Well done Sara. This is a great blog and you deserve the credit!
Keep going...

Anand said...

Good work Sara..keep going..

IllinoisMike said...

I was reading FC out on my deck and saw that piece...I exclaimed aloud "oh cool!" and my wife said "what?...are you IN there?" Well, it was nearly as cool as being in there meself. Props on a great blog! Just out of curiosity, did you submit for that, or they just happened upon you?

sara said...

Thanks everyone for your encouragement. I will, indeed, keep going.

Mike, they just happened upon me! Back in July, I received an email from the reporter (which went to my Junk mail folder, and which I almost deleted). He wanted to ask me some questions about the blog, and we had a brief phone interview.

But I didn't want to tell anyone because, what if it didn't happen? So it was a huge wave of relief and excitement when, at the end of August, I started getting hits from Fastcompany.com.

I have no idea how he found me. Probably just Google.

stephanie said...

I am glad they recommended you! I am a customer service training consultant and you have great insight.

Thanks and congratulations, Sara!