The affirmation sticker

So I bought some Metro shelves at The Container Store. When I went to assemble them, I noticed a little green sticker holding them together. In between logos of the store were the words "Another Organized Customer."

This is a really cheap, functional and extendable way to talk to your shoppers. How much do stickers cost? Negligible. What do they do? They hold your stuff together. Especially big metal poles and other awkwardness. How can they be extended? This sticker could go on shopping bags, catalogs, home delivery boxes, gift wrap, small children, etc.

The sticker connects with the customer because it labels you as "organized." Presumably, you go to The Container Store to either a) fuel your existing obsession with organization or b) attempt to bring some semblance of organization to your totally chaotic home/office/life. By literally labeling you as an organized customer, you are being brought into the fold. You are wearing that label loud and proud. You Are Organized.

I also like the word "Another." It's kinda like those ads - "Secret #24: Sometimes I fake an accent at parties" - you feel like there are at least 23 other Secrets. Here, the word "Another" makes you feel like you aren't alone - there are tons of organized customers, and you are yet another of the already-overflowing pool of organized people in your town.

I say good job, Container Store. Lots of retailers use stickers and other such cheap brand-extenders, but you went one baby step beyond.

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