Would you like dollars back?

So my boyfriend goes into CVS to pick up some Claritin. The cashier asks, "Would you like cash back?" This is generally an easy way to grab $20 without hitting up an ATM. So he says, "Sure, how much can I get?" She says, "Thirty-five dollars." He hits 3 - 5 and OK. The total sale on the register changes from $19.01 to $19.36. She hands him a quarter and a dime.

Did you get that?

WHO WANTS THIRTY-FIVE CENTS? Who would ever request coins as part of their "cash back"? No ATM can ever give you dollars and cents. They don't even ask you to fill in the .00 part. Why would a credit-and-debit-card-reading machine require you to fill in the cents column?

I wonder how often this happens.


KayseaLove said...

Um...That's odd!! I have never heard of that happening...EVER!!

hillary said...

that happened to a lady in line in front of me at cvs once. she was one of those annoying customers in the first place, and then this thing added another 5 minutes to her transaction. i thought i was gonna beat her up. it's also stupid that it's $35 and not $40.